If you are a buyer with a retailer or foodservice/catering business involved in local or regional food sourcing and haven't already registered with us, you will be interested in what SALSA has to offer you and your business.

The scheme's wide acceptance by retailers and food service providers has assisted in SALSA becoming the food safety scheme for small businesses with big ambition. 

SALSA has been set up by and for the industry as a low cost, sustainable not-for-profit scheme to help local producers and suppliers meet the standards buyers demand and give you the confidence to trade with them and effectively implement your local and regional sourcing targets.

We are always keen to hear about new buyers supporting and using the scheme, please do get in touch if you require any advice or guidance on how SALSA can work for you.

Deciding which SALSA package is right for you depends on two factors; the level of support you need in preparing for your audit and the type of food or drink that you produce

  • If you’re just starting out on your journey and want a guiding hand,including up to two days on site SALSA Mentoring and access to the scheme’s online support, then the SALSA GO! is for you.
  • If you’ve read the SALSA Standard and think you’re nearly there, but may need some help on particular issues, or if time is short and you need to ensure the audit process goes smoothly, you may want to consider a SALSA Extra Package which includes a mentoring day to help you prepare for your audit.
  • If you’re an established business and have fully implemented the SALSA Standard , then you might want to go straight into a SALSA audit package.

For brewers and cheesemakers we also provide specialist options, the SALSA plus Beer Audit Package and the SALSA plus Cheese Audit Package. The ‘plus beer’ option is also available with mentoring as a SALSA Extraplus Beer Audit Package.