SALSA is a food safety certification scheme for small and micro food producers who are:

  • Looking to supply food retailers and buyers on a local or regional level

  • Seeking a widely recognised food certification which demonstrates they are producing products in safe and legal manner

  • Interested in guidance and support to develop a food safety management system specific to their business

  • Looking to gain confidence and support for approaching national and regional food buyers

In order to become members of the SALSA scheme, companies need to first purchase a 'package' deal, which includes both annual membership of the scheme and the cost of the annual SALSA site audit assessment.

Once businesses have demonstrated, through the audit process, that they are operating to the SALSA Standard for food production, they become fully approved members of the SALSA scheme.

In order to be eligible for a SALSA audit and approved membership of the Scheme, companies must be producing food in a commercial, rather than a domestic, kitchen. Please call the SALSA Helpline on 01295 724 248 if you would like to discuss your eligibility.

Burt's Cheese: full of flavour - and confidence - with SALSA plus Cheese!

Based in Knutsford, in the heart of Cheshire, Burt's Cheese is a small artisan cheese company

They produce a range of handmade blue and soft cheeses. The small team of just two full-time employees is headed up by Claire Burt, Director, who started the business in 2009.

Today, their range...