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This week the following small food producers gained or retained their SALSA Certificate:


Lakenham Creamery

Jenny's Jams  NEW!

Stewart Brewing SALSA plus BEER

Ashcombe Estates NEW SALSA plus BEER

Lewis of London NEW!

Manchester Smokehouse NEW!

Edward Potato Vodka NEW!

Taylormade Newhaven

Bothams of Whitby


Wye Valley Brewery SALSA plus BEER

The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Haighs Guiseley

Hawkridge Farmhouse SALSA plus CHEESE

Rosebud Preserves

Cairngorm Brewery SALSA plus BEER

The West Berkshire Brewery BSALSA plus BEER

Kitchen Garden Foods

Two Drifters Distillery

Beckleberrys Ltd

MGW Seafoods

Cool Chile

Esker Spirits

Joes Ice Cream

Seasoned Pioneers Ltd NEW!

F Friend & Sons NEW!

Burning Barn Ltd NEW!

Foxcombe Bakehouse NEW!

Little Bobby Jebb Foods NEW!

Eden River Brew NEW!

 Natures Menu

Westcountry Confectioners Ltd t/a The Candy Company

The Mouthfull Trading Company

Treasure Chocolates

South East Bottling Ltd  SALSA plus BEER

Ballyeamon Eggs

Beavertown Brewery SALSA plus BEER

Bloomers Bakery

Pauls Soyfoods

Bramley Village Bakery

Trossachs Distillery

Bailies Coffee Company


Armagh Cider Company

Cherry Tree UK Ltd

Woodside Farms

Duchess Farms

Somerset Cider Solutions

Northern Craft Brewers SALSA plus BEER

Peck Drinks

Dartmoor Brewery SALSA plus BEER

Trealy Farm Charcuterie

Raisthorpe Manor Farm

Afropol Fine Foods

Brixton Brewery SALSA plus BEER

Bax Botanics

Hanlons Brewery SALSA plus BEER

Jacksons Dairy

Cornish Tea and Coffee

Ashers Bakery Ltd

Drinks of Manchester t/a Manchester Gin NEW!

The Redemption Food Group

Bath Ales SALSA plus BEER

Millenium Foods

Lacehouse Kitchen

Syed Kamal Frozen Foods

Shepherds Purse SALSA plus CHEESE

Jeffreys Tonic