Enterprise Foods to grow their supplier base in 2017, and request SALSA for their smaller suppliers

Enterprise Foods (EF), local sourcing specialists working with suppliers in the UK, have confirmed that they are actively endorsing SALSA Approval for their local supplier base. Based in Glasgow and active across the whole of the UK, Enterprise Foods provide both authority and expertise in the local sourcing supply chain.

Customers of Enterprise Foods include food service, wholesale and convenience retail including The Co-Operative. The Company prides itself on bringing the best local suppliers to its customers, with a focus on quality, heritage and provenance.

Enterprise Foods are currently pursuing a programme of supplier base expansion to offer customers a more diverse product range across all food sectors. The growth will see 650 new suppliers being listed by EF by the end of the year, with those eligible for SALSA being requested to gain Certification. Damien Fontaniere, EF Technical Manager comments, 'We are pleased to support the SALSA Scheme for all our local producers as SALSA Certification provides the necessary food safety and legality assurance we expect from our local suppliers throughout the UK.'

Sally Ball, SALSA Marketing & Client Relations Manager, adds, 'We are very pleased to have the endorsement of Enterprise Foods and look forward to working together. With the continued growth in local sourcing and specialist products, SALSA provides the essential food safety link within the supply chain and the opportunity for small and micro producers to introduce their products to a growing market. This is very welcome news for EF, their customers and all SALSA-Approved suppliers.'

James Oram, SALSA General Manager, is equally delighted to have Enterprise Foods on board. 'It is good news indeed that Enterprise Foods is growing their supplier base. Our own Approved supplier numbers are also growing year on year as is our register of Buyers. Today, over 850 SALSA-registered buyers have immediate access to an online directory of over 1,150 SALSA-Approved businesses. This offers buyers such as EF a valuable tool for local sourcing and provides an independent guarantee that these smaller producers have met the industry-approved standards of food safety, legality and quality.'

For more information on Enterprise Foods, please visit www.enterprisefoods.co.uk