IMPORTANT UPDATE! Changes to the SALSA Standard

The SALSA Standard has been revised for the fourth time since its original launch in March 2007.  Issue 5, published on the 22nd June 2018, contains a number of changes which are intended to enhance the existing Standard and reflect current industry best practice.

Please take the time to read through this message carefully as the changes introduced into the new Standard (Issue 5) will be relevant to your business.

Issue 5 documents for the SALSA Standard are published on 22nd June but are not auditable against until 3rd  September. 

The key changes in Issue 5 are the reorganisation of Sections 2 and 3. 

Section 2: now only contains HACCP requirements, to reflect its importance in management of food safety.

Section 3 has been expanded and now covers Management Systems & Documentation. 

The Statements of Intent for both these sections have been revised to reflect these changes and must be met to result in a successful audit.

Details of New or Changed Requirements in Issue 5 are available on line and are clearly identified in the following documents;

  • Issue 5 Guidance Notes
  • Issue 5 Standard
  • Summary of Changes between Standard Issue 4 and Issue 5

In all these documents:

  • New Requirements are identified with numbering in bold italics + New.
  • Changed Requirements with revised wording) are shown in bold italics + (C).
  • Requirements where only numbering, not wording, has changed are in bold italics.

STS Approval:  For Members who require their SALSA Approval to be recognised by STS for supplying the public sector, Issue 5 includes additional Requirements which are clearly identified in Appendix 1 of the Guidance Notes.

The SALSA Scheme offers a range of support services and resources which members can call upon:

  • Mentoring    SALSA-approved mentors can be found through the Mentors’ Directory on the SALSA website
  • Tools & Tips   Where these exist, they are indicated by the Tools & Tips logo in the Guidance Notes
  • Self-Assessment Checklist  An essential document to determine how your current system complies with the Standard
  • HACCP Courses   Interactive courses aimed at the needs of small businesses. Level 1 and Level 2 courses available
  • Food Labelling Workshops  Providing clear guidance on producing labels that comply with FIC regulations
  • Telephone Helpline ‘In person’ advice available from 9.00-5.30 Mon-Fri.

A short webinar, giving a brief on the changes, is also available here

We trust that the new Standard adds weight to the value of SALSA approval, whilst remaining proprotionate and relevant to the smaller food and drink businesses that we support.