Pioneering Paper! Incup Drinks company Maxpax Ltd celebrates SALSA Approval

Who doesn’t welcome a hot drink to warm, calm, soothe and nourish? 

Established in 2013, Maxpax Ltd, an ‘incup drinks’ packing business based in Newent, Glos. took the opportunity to fill a gap in the vending and wholesale catering market for powder-based hot drinks in eco-friendly paper cups.  For those with an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle, inside or out, these hot, quick-serve drinks hit the spot with consumers.  Maxpax’ first production of 500,000 ‘Cups’ in November 2013 was a line of Knorr Soups and a classic favourite, Bovril.  Offering more than just tea or coffee, this boosted a speedy revival in the popularity of ‘incup drinks’.

 Today, Maxpax employs 5 full-time staff and produces over 10 million units a year for supply to the vending and wholesale sectors.  In response to this rapid growth, in 2016 Maxpax decided to opt for SALSA certification to approve their production site.  Managing Director Kevin Mason explains. ‘SALSA is a great Scheme - it encompasses all the stringent requirements of the food industry without losing sight of the scale, budgets and concerns of a small producer wanting to play their part on the big stage.  SALSA certification allows us to access a wider market both in terms of licences and sales.’ 

 Kevin opted for the SALSA Package Extra which includes a day of pre-Audit mentoring at a discounted rate.  Maxpax underwent its first SALSA audit in July 2017 and was approved just two months later.  ‘Having the extra day with a SALSA Mentor gave us the confidence and importantly - the assurance - that we were getting it right.  This understanding of how an Auditor would eventually view our operations was invaluable,’ says Kevin.

 Maxpax currently supply many Trade Operators and is always keen to explore new partnerships in brand licensing and with wholesalers. Kevin continues, ‘Of the 14 EU-listed Allergens, only 4 are found within our range of 22 products; many contain no Allergens which appeals to a growing number of consumers with dietary concerns.’ Current lines include Maxpax Incup Hot Chocolate (just 35 calories!) and: 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee, PG Tips Tea and Douwe Egberts ‘Pure Gold’, along with a wide range of Kenco and Maxwell House coffees. 

 Warming to his theme, Kevin reflects, ‘The SALSA format is great for building confidence – in both suppliers and buyers alike.  We are launching our latest product Maxpax ‘Café Caramel’ right now – we think it’s a winning combination.  Much like our association with SALSA!   At Maxpax, we proudly display our SALSA certificate in Reception and their logo on our website.’

 Karen Wilson, SALSA Operations, is delighted for the Company.  ‘Maxpax know they have a winning formula, and are clearly very focused on standards and quality.  They thoroughly deserve their audit success and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this enterprising business.’

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