SALSA Approval During COVID-19 Restrictions

In accordance with the national effort to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease, SALSA suspended all Onsite audits from 23rd March to 17th July.

In order that businesses could maintain their SALSA Approval, we instigated a process for Certificate Extension and subsequently the 3 Stage Audit process, which includes an element of Remote Assessment.  

With the suspension period nearing an end it is now possible to plan Onsite audits and visits, where we are able to do this safely. However, the 3 Stage Audit process still remains an option for businesses who are not in a position to accept on-site visitors.

If you are looking to gain or maintain SALSA Approval, please read the following “SALSA Approval During Covid-19 Restrictions – Member Guide” to fully understand the options that are available to you and help your decision making.

We believe that we have created a system that brings flexibility to adapt to what is an ever changing situation. An individual businesses can choose the option that best fits their needs and requirements. If you need further help in understanding which option is best for you, then please contact the SALSA Team or discuss with your auditor.