SALSA Webinar: Food Fraud & Defence with NFCU

Food Fraud & Defence Webinar, co-hosted by the Food Standards Agency's National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) - Watch Here!


We co-hosted our Food Fraud & Defence Webinar with the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit. The event provided an in-depth look into the critical issues surrounding food fraud and offered practical strategies to safeguard businesses.

Our speaker was Ben Pye, Senior Prevention and Relationship Management Officer at the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit. With extensive experience in combating food crime, Ben shared invaluable insights and real-world examples. His expertise helped attendees understand the complexities of food fraud and how to defend against it effectively.


Counterfeit Products - learn about the prevalence of counterfeit food items, their impact on consumers and businesses, and the latest strategies for detection and prevention.

Adulteration- gain insights into common adulteration practices, the substances involved, and their potential health risks.

Safety Measures - essential safety measures and best practices were discussed to ensure the integrity and quality of food and drink products from production to consumption.

Food Defence Strategies - the webinar emphasised the food defence clauses within the SALSA Standard. These guidelines are designed to help businesses identify vulnerabilities and implement robust protection measures against food fraud.


Watch our latest webinar for an invaluable opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to defend your businesses against food fraud. Watch it here.